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Upcoming Camp Meeting: Dr. Shelia Isom

September 19 & 20th

Friday Night: Meeting starts 7pm with refreshments afterwards.
Saturday Night: Free Dinner at 6pm and meeting starts at 7pm.

About Dr. Shelia  Isom:

Dr. Shelia Isom is a licensed and ordained revivalist. She is a comical, dynamic speaker with a preaching style that has been defined as bold, fresh and exhilarating. Her ambition is to bring unity to diverse races and denominations in the body of Christ.

Dr. Isom delivers her messages with passion and strives to impart a desire for revival to those she ministers to. Her gifting as a revivalist is expressed by the anointing that she carries, to usher in recovery to the church body.  Dr. Isom strives for high integrity, character and excellence. She believes that authenticity is the true design of a life consecrated to Christ.  She believes that prayer is the foundation that builds a ministry of power, anointing and authority, and is the result of needs being met. Dr. Isom carefully evaluates each invitation, and seeks to go wherever a difference can be made. It's more than just an invitation, but it is an assignment where people's needs and desire for revival are priority.

Before establishing her own ministry, Dr. Isom served in various leadership roles in her local church, working under the direction of her Senior Pastor for 25 years. She served as praise and worship leader for 12 years and later followed the call to be a youth pastor, in which position she served for five years.  She has been intricately involved with church leadership and the operation of ministry throughout her years in the church.

She leaves behind a career as a registered nurse in emergency nursing and nursing instructing. Dr. Isom earned a Bachelor and Masters Degree from Christian Life School of Theology. She earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Moriah Institute of Christian Studies, Fayetteville, NC, where she presently serves as an instructor. Dr. Isom is the author of two books and released a music CD in 2003. She was a programmer for five years with The Sky Angel Network. Her program, Experiencing Revival, was seen twice weekly and reached an estimated twelve million homes. Her ministry travels have taken her nationally and internationally. 

Dr. Isom is married to Garry Steven Isom and they reside in Danville, VA.

Directions to Barn: 58W from Martinsville and 58E from Stuart. Turn on Abram Penn Hwy ( Rd. # 626) and go about 4 miles and make a right through the black
gate onto a paved drive past the house to the barn.

Telephone for more information: 
Mary John Hall at 276 694 4591 or Douglas Whorley at 276 692 5362.

Calendar for 2014:
Oct 24-25 Youth Rally with Jason Kerr
       Friday at 7
      Saturday Meal at 3:30 Service at 7

Friday Nights:  Refreshments after Service
Saturday Nights: Free Meal at 6pm